Services & Winterization

Irrigation Spring Start Up

Get Next-Rain starting up your sprinkler system for you. We turn the water on, pressure test the irrigation main line, test each station or zone out electrically, then set the irrigation timer to run for the summer watering season. If repairs, changes or upgrades are necessary, our service technicians have fully stocked service vans and can make them on the spot. Make your underground sprinkler system hassle free with a spring activation from Next Rain Irrigation Systems. Call us at 403-613-0552 to schedule a start up today.

Service and Repair of Underground Sprinklers

Next Rain will get your sprinkler system back up and running in no time. Our fully stocked service vans and experienced service personnel can fix valves, nozzles, sprinklers, replace controllers, troubleshoot wiring issues, detect leaking valves, etc. We service both residential and commercial irrigation systems. We can add more sprinklers to your existing system or add an additional zone to the system. We stock all nozzles and parts from every major brand (Hunter, MP Rotator, Rain Bird, Toro, Irritrol, Orbit, Water Master, K Rain, etc). Our vans our big for a reason, they have everything and the kitchen sink available on board. Service call charge is $90.00 to show up, then billed hourly at $115/hr billed in 15 minute increments. Rate is based on service technicians experience. Call us at 403-613-0552 to schedule service.

Calgary Backflow Testing / Cross Connections Control Testing

Next Rain Irrigation is a certified cross connections control tester. We test backflow preventers in Calgary and area. As part of the Cross Connection Control Program, the City of Calgary requires all Double Check Valves on the underground sprinkler systems to be tested yearly and before you turn the sprinkler system on. Cost is $105 for the first device when booked with a spring start up. We can test additional devices on your property at this time as well for a rate of $85 per device. Devices tested on their own is $115 for the first device and $85 for the second device.

Sprinkler Winterizing – Sprinkler Blowout Calgary – Irrigation Winterization Calgary

Residential irrigation: Winterizing registration is done online by clicking here. Pricing is here. This includes payment, email confirmations, one automated text message and one email reminder to turn the water off to the sprinkler system. We leave a tag and envelope in the door or mail and send an email completion notification. We schedule each community once per week. Schedule can be found here. The cost is approximately 5% cheaper for online bookings as this reduces our paper work in the office. If you would like to book by phone, please call us at 403-613-0552. In order to perform the sprinkler blow out, the water must be turned off to the sprinkler system. Please remember to do this. If you are un-sure, read these instructions or call the office, 403-613-0552 and we will be happy to help you thru this stage. Click here to book a residential irrigation winterization with Next Rain Irrigation Ltd.

<<<< More details and information about our winterizing program can be found here: >>>>

Commercial irrigation: For commercial irrigation system winterizing, please call the office at 403-613-0552. All commercial irrigation blow outs are done with our 375 cfm air compressor.

All sprinkler winterizing carries a guarantee that we winterized all lines. Please contact us immediately in the spring if you have any issues.

Cisterns / Pumps

Be it a commercial rain water harvesting system from the roof of a building or an acreage with a low flow water supply, such as a well or flow restricted municipal water supply, we can design and build the right storage and pump system to match your irrigation needs.

Have an irrigation system on an acreage in the Rocky View County that doesn’t work very well? We can fix it.

HDPE Fusion

Our team has certified fusion technicians on staff. Certified in HDPE butt fusion and electrofusion, we can make your commercial or industrial irrigation projects happen.